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Don't Get Ripped Off by the Mechanic: Simple Facts you Should Know

Posted by David Garthwaite on November 15, 2018

Having a good mechanic is a crucial part of adulthood. They keep your car in tip-top shape and, by default, help keep you and others safe on the roads. That being said, it never feels good to be ripped off — and it's easy for a bad mechanic to take advantage of someone's lack of experience with or knowledge of cars. Here's how to you can protect yourself, and your car, from being ripped off or treated poorly. 

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A Handy Guide to your Car's Check Engine Lights

Posted by Steven Woodman on November 6, 2018

It's an occurrence that can strike fear in even the most experienced drivers; it can conjure images of expensive mechanic bills and vehicles stranded in the middle of the open desert; it's the dreaded check engine illuminating behind your steering wheel.

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Tech Toys with a Soul

Posted by Nathan Calladine on October 31, 2018

Stamp a wooden piece on the tablet screen and let the magic happen! This is a fantastic way to get your kids to learn to count, read and write with beautiful interactive wooden toys for tablets. This is not just another soulless app on the app store!

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6 Cheap and Easy ways to Protect your Home from Burglars

Posted by Steven Woodman on October 19, 2018

If you’re after quick, cheap ways of making your home more secure and less likely to be a target for burglars, we can help. Protecting your home doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Follow the advice below to help make your home less of a target for burglary.

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5 Ways to Make your Teen's First Car Safer

Posted by Nathan Calladine on October 16, 2018

Handing your teenager a set of keys can be an exciting and scary moment for everyone in the family — but you can all rest easier by adding a few simple devices to the vehicle. Here are five ways to make your teen's first car safety.

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Cocoon and Google Assistant Give You Voice Controlled Smart Home Security

Posted by Steven Woodman on October 12, 2018

You can now control Cocoon with your voice using Google Assistant and the Google Home range, as well as Amazon Alexa. For security so simple, you don’t need to lift a finger. Earlier this year Cocoon launched their Amazon Alexa skill, and now have good news for fans of Google’s technology. The latest iOS app update allows you to control your Cocoon with Google Assistant, the Android update is coming soon.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Used Car (and How to Upgrade Yours)

Posted by Nathan Calladine on October 2, 2018

When it comes to buying a car, there's no shortage of options. You have to look at model, make, color, interior, extra features and, perhaps most importantly, year. You might be surprised to learn, however, newer isn't always better. While you're shopping around, here's just a few reasons why you should buy a used car.

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How Measuring Your Distances Can Help Your Game

Posted by David Garthwaite on September 28, 2018

Are you one of those golfers who really wants to get better but have been reluctant to spend a few hundred dollars on a yardage measuring device?

It's an investment to be sure, but it's also an investment in your game, which — ultimately — is an investment in lower scores. While the yardage markers and sprinkler heads on golf courses and the marked targets on driving ranges are nice, how accurate are they? The on-course markers (think red for 100 yards, white for 150 yards and blue for 200 yards) and sprinkler heads only measure to the middle of the green. What if you have a front or back pin position?

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Time for an Upgrade? Mavic 2 PRO or Mavic 2 ZOOM

Posted by David Garthwaite on September 21, 2018

DJI’s Mavic 2 PRO is finally here! The new Mavic 2 comes in two editions – the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom. A lot of you might be more curious about what the difference is between the Mavic 2 series and Mavic Pro. To answer this question, we went beyond the spec sheet and summed up the main differences. 

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Smart Backup Cameras for 2nd Hand Cars

Posted by David Garthwaite on September 19, 2018

We've been hanging out for the the ZUS Wireless Smart Backup Camera to hit our shores with bated breath. That's because the 170-degree wide angle lens takes the worry out of backing up. 30-degree wider than traditional 140-degree camera, providing you with safer riding experience. Now that it's here we wanted to share our thoughts.

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